Real Concept was born in 2008 thanks to the idea of showing to the foreign markets, not only the "Made in Italy products" but also the "idea" behind the Made in Italy concept.

No more a simple consumer but an important partner for the working out of a product able to interpret all the nuances of a market.

Real Concept relies on a robust number of consolidated experiences in various production fields.

The strength of this idea is providing the final consumer with a "turn-key furniture solutions".

Montefeltro is our land, and inspires us to conceive a product that expresses our culture to the utmost. The excellence of Italian production is expressed through a quality furnishing creations.


The mission of Real Concept is to render "engineer able" any kind of request in the sector of furniture.

A highly qualified in-house staff of designers,  engineers and designers is the heart of the  company. Thanks to the 3D design software,

environmental rendering, photo post-production, technical design and management.

The Company encoding is capable in a few hours to provide its customers with a concrete  response to his idea or sketch.

We are able to produce furniture according to the customer’s request, thanks to the wide range of support materials, surface finishes (veneer or melamine), lacquered (glossy, matte or hammered), fabrics  (washable, fireretardant), surface print serigraphies.

An highly qualified in house staff is managing system enables us to:

Flexibility - capacity of satisfy any kind of market request;

Specialization - thanks to the company system divided on the Divisions;

Competence - high level of technical development of ideas on every Division;

Optimization - fast response to the request and immediacy in the displaying of solutions;

High production capacity (10 x 40'HC containers/day, 10.000 square meters of panel/day, 4.000 square meter/day of laquering) 

Real Concept is daily engaged to found new solutions, ideas and production steps that can allow to make an innovative product and higher standard of quality and safety for workers, buyer and final customers.

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